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The Right to Good Jobs

A media project to counter the national anti-union agenda

About The Project


The Right to Good Jobs is a campaign to counter the national anti union agenda of the far right.

The project will produce a series of short, hard-hitting video segments designed to motivate and involve union members and the general public in political, grassroots and workplace campaigns. The project is created to educate audiences and support actions to counter the spread of so-called “right to work” initiatives that undermine union security and are a direct attack on good jobs, the Democratic Party, and America’s working class.

By making the connection between labor rights and human rights and unmasking those behind the antiunion agenda disguised as “right to work,” we will expose the true threat it represents to every American, both union and nonunion and motivate our audiences to take action now.

For unions, the four hard-hitting films will engage union members in thoughtful conversations about how “open-shops” erode conditions on the job and harm the quality of life at home and in the community. Each film segment will be accompanied by short discussion questions and small group exercises that have proven to successfully involve and motivate workers.

Market Strategy

To ensure effective media presentations with maximum market penetration and measurable successes, The Right to Good Jobs has partnered with leading market research and strategy firm SmithGeiger. SmithGeiger has unparalleled experience in shaping the development of programs, products, and services for the most celebrated media, consumer, and digital brands across the globe. They engage audiences and prospective across all screens and social media platforms, deploying a broad range of innovative research methodologies. This partnership empowers us to reveal what the American public’s views are of unions and how to best anticipate and address their concerns and reinforce their expectations in order to drive positive change on labor issues.

Series Elements

Right to Good Jobs will produce a web series including four stand-alone 10 minute short documentary style pieces. We will also produce 30 second, 1minute and 5 minute teasers and commercials.



A pivotal first step in the fight for workers rights is the reframing of unions as an essential component of a just and democratic society. Why Unions Matter accomplishes this with a brief and powerful history of what unions have accomplished and what rights they have attained for all American workers and working families. A detailed presentation, including exciting and engaging animation, the program highlights what benefits today’s workers enjoy that came from hard won union efforts and how those benefits are a result of workers having a voice through representation and collective bargaining. The film details how unions improve and enrich everyday life and the future security of America’s working class.


What is right to work legislation? What does it actually do to American unions, collective bargaining and the working middle class? The film will get underneath the sound bite political propaganda and dig into the specifics of what this legislation really is and its broader, negative effect on American society. Through detailed interviews with experts and scholars, and with the use of animation, we will clearly and simply explain the purposely-confusing legislation.

We will also expose and debunk the myths that unions and higher wages are harmful to the economy. In a detailed and factual presentation, The Right to Good Jobs will make a definitive case that unions and fair wages are essential components of a strong and stable U.S. economy. After viewing this piece our audiences will understand the benefits of unions, what Right to Work legislation is and its real effects on working families across the nation.


Who is really behind the national drive to break unions? The campaign will unmask the real power behind the effort: who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. To date the oligarchs and right wing hard liners have been able to hide behind slick campaigns and propaganda. Unmasking the Anti Union Agenda will expose the individuals and their true agenda. Once exposed, we will show how they represent only international corporate profits at all costs. We will make the case that these few but hugely powerful entities are an imminent threat to the working class, working families and the very fabric of the American democratic society.


This segment can be customized to highlight and support individual union’s actions and  campaigns across the country. The Right to Goods Jobs project can travel to individual battle grounds and highlight what is needed now to fight back and win. Strategies and Solutions can be produced to expose and highlight what YOUR specific campaign and actions need. Contact us

Market Strategy and Research

To ensure effective media presentations with maximum market penetration and measurable successes, The Right to Good Jobs has partnered with leading market research and strategy firm SmithGeiger. SmithGeiger has unparalleled experience in shaping the development of programs, products, and services for the most celebrated media, consumer, and digital brands across the globe.

We can find benchmarks sand identify where unions truly stand in the eyes of Americans including:

  • Research to truly understand general perceptions of unions. We can gauge opinions, impressions, affinity (or lack thereof) and loyalty, and deliver the “why” behind those.
  • What messaging resonates, what repels?
  • What demographic cares and why? Does their reasoning extend beyond party lines?
  • How do these people get their information – identify platforms (phone, tablet, TV, social networks, times of day, etc).
  • Detail positive impressions (what should be reinforced).
  • Identify negative impressions
    • i. What would change their minds?
    • ii. what would change negative impressions?

Our digital consulting  encompasses tactics and strategy for all screens (web, mobile, tablet, TV) and social networks – and every combination thereof. Each engagement is designed to deliver rapid, verifiable and sustainable results.

Our analysis will inform where Union initiatives are delivering (or not), and how well they support key business objectives. Following our initial review and analysis, we create an actionable tactical and strategic social media plan. We design daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly initiatives.  Our teams detail best practices based on our extensive understanding of how, why and when people consume content and engage with brands.

We detail how to reach specific target audiences, what devices they prefer and the times of day they are most likely to engage. In short, we advise how to reach the right people, with the right words, on the right device, at the right moment

Individualized Productions

ConceptionMedia can produce a high quality and engaging short film or commercial series tailored to specific needs, causes or campaigns across the nation. The language of our society is now predominately film and video and the ConceptionMedia team know how to communicate critical messaging in a honorable, real and inspiring production. Our media goes beyond the overdone, staged and tired portrayals. Our technique of clear communication from the heart resonates with audiences and creates measurable and enduring change on pivotal issues. Contact Us


1682d28Mark Manning is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and director of internationally-acclaimed films, including The Road to Fallujah. Mark began his career as a union commercial diver and plied his trade in the world’s oceans, ports and harbors for 20 years. Immediately following the tragedy of 9/11, he put down his hard hat, picked up a camera and became an immersive filmmaker, traveling over 10,000 miles across America to make the acclaimed feature documentary American Voices, an in-depth look at the American culture and psyche following the crisis. Mark then traveled to Iraq soon after the Iraq war began. His coverage of the war has been broadcast around the world and he became the only Westerner to live with the people of Fallujah after the city was destroyed and produced two award-winning documentaries: Caught in the Crossfire and The Road to Fallujah. Mark was the co-founder and director of an international humanitarian relief organization specializing in delivering medical aid to combat zones in Iraq during the war. The agency ran over twenty successful missions during the height of the conflict. He is presently the President and Founder of ConceptionMedia a feature documentary film and campaign production company; Global Access Media a nonprofit media company; and OURVOICE.TV an action campaign and empowerment media company. He is also the founder and director of the Clinton Global Initiative project, Dialogues for Peace, an education initiative between universities in Iraq and the United States.

His films have broadcast in over 40 countries and 8 languages, and coverage on his films and campaigns have included, CNN, MSNBC, Japan Today, Air America, DemocracyNow, Free Speech TV, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, The Mercury News, NY Times, Clear Channel, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera and 46 International Film Festivals including; Slam Dance, Miami, Telluride, Atlanta, Hot Docs, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Boston, Malibu, Palm Beach, The United Nations, RainDance and WTI Istanbul, Turkey.

Conception Media’s Team

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Market Research and Strategy

sg-logo2SmithGeiger is a leading market research and strategy firm that builds brand awareness, and consumer bases. We do it through an unparalleled understanding of media (all screens and platforms) and innovative research methodologies second to none. We help our partners understand what their current and prospective users are thinking and doing, when and why they are doing it, and how to best anticipate and address their needs and expectations.

In a media landscape evolving at an exponential rate, we deliver data, timely insights, and actionable recommendations. We provide ongoing service for many of the most recognized companies in finance, consumer technology, and multimedia, including 100+ television stations and virtually all of the biggest names in broadcast, cable, and satellite. We helped launch the first and foremost DVR system and satellite television, and our research helped to set the foundation for eBay’s mobile strategy.

Clients include: ABC, BBC, CBS, NBC, Expedia, Google, T-Mobile, Yahoo, Liberty Mutual, Disney, Vine, and a host of others.

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